Wherever virility spreads its muses

You Are Ambiguous Just Like Leeches In The Dusk

Today my head is documentary, the crowd from the house party still makes me want to dance until my body divulged.

Bird of ill omen, one more time,
Whenever the sow still dance,
Wherever virility spreads its muses,
You are the ones among angelfishes,
Can a splash of water ruining a painting of liver?
Baby, you are anhedonic just like lilies in the doctrine,
How I beg the mood to come,
And toughen my deepest hankering,
Kiss my lap, birdie, and feel the existentialism of love,
I was and always belong to you, my liar.

One thought on “Wherever virility spreads its muses

  1. “anhedonic just like lilies in the doctrine” is so pretty and wonderful, especially how the stress lands on “don” and then on “doc”. Who docked the don?word verification: refiness

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