A beautiful girl in my tights

How Do I Tickle?

I don’t know, vertigo
Every sooty charmer
Asking questions
Why and why?

I walk to the blameless city
Try to find out the possums
Love’s bent knee in my pants
Don’t know, vertigo

I fall in love across him
A beautiful girl in my tights
Filling a lactation in my heart
Until my last boyhood

This brutishness
As sweaty as my mane
Where do I cerebrate?
So hard to say…

2 thoughts on “A beautiful girl in my tights

  1. What an amazing string of poems you posted today! You didn’t write them all today did you? I have this feeling you did. . . craziness. . . they’d also be nice mixed together:It’s really a lorikeetWhere do I cerebrate?our stain behind the moonalthough the mooning had become a subset to meetc.

  2. You have my permission to write a new book rearranging the lines in these poems. It’s an ongoing project. I wrote a few of them on this day, but not all. My technique is known only to a couple of people. I will reveal it anon.

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