6 thoughts on “You really never know what’s going to show up on facebook

  1. OMFG. Nada, what in the world was “the Fish Exchange?” And what are all those bizarre little plastic box-like things on the table behind you? Weird to think how you’ve become so much more fabulouser since then, while trade shows have stayed exactly like this, down to the candy/raffle basket and the industrial pipe ‘n’ drape.

  2. Rodney, I swear I was fabulous then, too, but this was a costume, and it was the 80s.At the time I was working as Tom Mandel’s administrative assistant… OK, let’s just say it… secretary… at a “desktop publishing systems house” at 4th and Townsend in SF. Across the hall was this Taiwanese software engineer who had written a kind of primitive eBay program for fishmongers. I actually wrote the software manual for him, and agreed, for the extra money, to tout his wares at the seafood conference.The whole place smelled like frying seafood; it took a long while for me to detoxify and get the stink out of my hair and skin. Plus the engineer put the moves on me, and that was creeeeepyyyy!The plastic box things are, I guess, primitive computers that must have seemed very modern at the time.That outfit, though, oh. my god. The dowdy houndstooth skirt, the white pantyhose, the long cardigan… truly, truly… shocking…

  3. Wait … you mean The Fish Exchange was really for exchanging fish?!?A “primitive eBay program for fishmongers”: Nada, when you’re not sick but still bored, you’ve just to write that memoir.

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