Health kvetch session and when will spring come

Immune system a wreck! Coughing/asthma attack on the subway home: almost panicked. Hives at the base of my spine, and on my face, or ankles, just moving around any which way. Deep circles not just under but actually around eyes. (It’s one thing to feel like hell, but to have to look like hell, too: ugh! Unfair.) Thyroid slightly high (no wonder I post too much, and can’t sleep). Still anemic (by about two points). Vitamin D low. Cough. Cough.

Egads! I want to get on a train to a mountain sanatorium. Tucked into my seat with good wool blankets, looking out the window at the lovely countryside. I’ll wear a high-collared white dress. My trunks bound with leather straps. Maybe I’ll have a lhasa apso? Or a shih tzu? I could spend all my time in recuperation writing letters. This is so unlike my life. Sigh.

Senegalese peanut soup for dinner: fairly elaborate recipe. Peanuts are a good source of salmonella, I hear.

Gary reading tomorrow night at the Poetry Project.

Will have to venture out into the night cold for that.

I know “intellectually” that this is the home stretch of winter, but that doesn’t make it any easier. How do I endure this year after year? A decade now! I did notice the tulip bulbs coming up in the little patches along the entryway to our building, and will try to take some small consolation in them, despite feeling so wretched.

Poor poor poor pitiful me!

3 thoughts on “Health kvetch session and when will spring come

  1. Get better, Nada!Maybe you guys should move back to the Bay Area?It’s so warm here in SF winter, that we’re naval [sic] gazing.Hurry! – before the earthquake. And the BART tunnel flood!

  2. K., I mention to Gary every so often that we should move back.He is terrified of getting bored there (would there be enough ethno-neighborhoods for him to buy CDs?). Oh, and he initially moved away after the last really big earthquake, so…hmmm.Me, I’m terrified of having to write documentary poems.R., yes, I contain multitudes… of kvetches! Also sordid and malicious bacteria and woeful hormonal imbalances!Have you read Magic Mountain recently? Now THAT is a BOOK.………….In relative seriousness, I would like to retire in either Bolinas or Bali. The thing is, I won’t be able to because my meager savings are disappearing daily. Like everyone else’s. (I think I’ll end on that down note. Like Thomas Mann.)

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