$1 DVDs from Pergament

At the end of last week, still so fatigued in flu’s aftermath: why is it so decimating? But most major symptoms are gone, even if I’m pale, easily tired, and just generally still Victorianly pathetic. I did drag my sorry ass to Friday’s dance class after a two-week absence, and yesterday’s unusually balmy faux-spring offered some succor.(Say that last word out loud. Funny, right?)I suppose then that things are on the up-and-up, even if the trees remain resolutely leafless.

I did, though, manage to wear myself out further last week obsessively working for hours on end on a new project in a new medium. I made a collage movie out of $1 DVDs from the local discount store. It’s called “You Won’t Ever Learn” and it’s just under 23 minutes long. It’s really, in the common parlance, “fucked up,” as in “deeply disturbing,” and I love it. Major themes: desire, education, mortality (you can’t go wrong with those chestnuts, right?). There will be more, and I’m not sure if that’s a threat or a promise.

Clips of yesterday’s terrific Segue readings to come very soon, maybe even today.

Thinking, like everyone else, about the not just stagnating but plunging economy, and what it means, or will mean, for our lives. It means that even if we are not suffering (yet) from it, we can make fewer choices at least about our external conditions. It creates a stagnancy in the possibilities we can impose on the quotidian. Who among us now is starting a business or taking a year off to travel?

Well, I’m glad I have basic life skills, by which I mean I can cook and sew, and that I can entertain myself so cheaply by making movies with $1 DVDs from Pergament. And grateful that the only mouths I have to feed are those of the little felines, oh and Gary’s, too (but he, of course, pitches in).

Poetry’s basically a very cheap endeavor, and one can only rejoice about that.

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