I could almost swear I just saw a coyote standing on the roof of the Kentile building as I rode past on the F train this morning. I am aware that this is impossible, and that the creature I saw was likely a coyote-like dog, but I do like the idea of a coyote on a rooftop in Brooklyn. To make my notion even more romantic: I’m pretty sure the coyote-ish beast only had three legs.

Just a hallucination brought on by forced compliance with daylight savings time? Maybe.

— Post From My iPhone

4 thoughts on “Coyote

  1. Driving home from band practicein NJ, I once saw a jackal standing in the middle of the road at midnight.I knew it wasn’t possible. That one really was a coyote.

  2. You almost certainly saw Anubis.(My brain is addled from bringing my class to the Met yesterday to look at Egyptian stuff under the expert guidance of Toni Simon.)

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