We’re going way up north today for this:

Next up – Gary Sullivan & Nada Gordon

The New Writing Series welcomes poets Nada Gordon and Gary Sullivan to the UMaine campus for a performance on Thursday, April 2, at 4:30pm in the Soderberg Auditorium. Like all NWS events, this one is free and open to the public. If you have a disability that may require accommodation for this event, please contact Ann Smith in the office of Disability Support Service, 121 East Annex, 581-2319 (Voice) or 581-2311 (TDD).

Nada Gordon was born on January 14, 1964 in Oakland, California. She spent a colorful, semi-nomadic childhood in Chicago, San Francisco, Mill Valley, Fairfax, and Bolinas. At thirteen, she passed a high school equivalency exam and enrolled at a junior college. She graduated from San Francisco State University’s creative writing program in 1984, and received her MA in literature from UC Berkeley in 1986. In 1988, she moved to Tokyo, Japan, where she taught English, wrote textbooks, sang in a band, studied butoh, traveled around Asia and Europe, and was a co-editor of the literary journal, Aya. She returned to the US in 1999 as a result of a protracted e-pistolary romance. She is the author of More Hungry (1985), Rodomontade (1985), Lip (1988), Koi Maneuver (1990), Anime (2000), Foriegnn Bodie (2004), V. Imp, and Folly. She lives in Brooklyn with Gary Sullivan. She blogs at Ululations.

Gary Sullivan is a poet, cartoonist, and blogger. His DIY comic, Elsewhere—which he started drawing and writing in 2005— explores biography as an artistic construct. Sullivan lives in Brooklyn with Nada Gordon. Together, they wrote the book Swoon. Sullivan’s most recent book is PPL in a Depot. He blogs at Elsewhere.

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