Today’s Celebrity Sighting:

(at the Brooklyn Museum): Jonas Mekas

(and I was only saying the day before to G. that he would have been an ideal blogger)

3 thoughts on “Today’s Celebrity Sighting:

  1. Jonas’s “Movie Journal” is a proto-blog, along with the likes of Herb Caen in the Chronicle.

    Sorry i can’t bring myself to report on the LA shows, except to say that it’s so delightful to think of these events (REDCAT and Machine Project and the two Dixon Place events) as <>one show<> rather than some kind of bogus bi-coastal style-split.

    I will do my best to organize something for you and Gary to present your work (videos, performances) to us when you’re visiting soon – if you’re not already booked!

    How funi, my “verification” is <>dessi<> so close to “desi” (=indian subcontinent diaspora)

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