irritable to most Westerners’ ears

Unadorned, she is not desirable. Adornment excites love. If there is a connection between ornaments and love, that is because the first ornaments of all were in the centre-jar of the celestial granary; and that jar is the symbol of the world’s womb. (acc. to Ogotemmelli)

In certain societies where sounds have become letters with sharps and flats, those unfortunate enough not to fit into these letters are tossed out of the system and qualified unmusical. They are called noises….A music bound up with movement, dance,and speech, one in which the listener becomes a co-performer, one that has no overall form except one of continually recurring sequences of notes and rhythms, one that plays endlessly – for nobody has enough of life – has been repeatedly called elemental or rudimentary. Is irritable to most Westerners’ ears.

The sound of a swelling cry of ululation.
That high wail that speaks her joy, excitement, or grief.

from a script by Trinh T. Min Ha, NAKED SPACES: Living is Round, published in Cinematograph, Volume 3 1988, purchased for 50 cents at a garage sale on Sunday

One thought on “irritable to most Westerners’ ears

  1. The Ogotomelli book is excellent, but the Griaule and Dieterlin text
    Le Renard Pale (sic) ‘The Pale Fox’
    that collects the Dogon myths is one of the most interesting texts in the world I think..

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