Žižek on pleasure in pain

[writing on castrati singers being made to “cry to heaven after suffering a horrible mutilation] This is (the singing) voice at its most elementary: the embodiment of ‘surplus-enjoyment’ in the precise sense of the paradoxical ‘pleasure in pain.’ …Pain generates surplus enjoyment via the magic reversal-into-itself by means of which the very material texture of our expression of pain (the crying voice) gives rise to enjoyment….the same go[es] for love poetry and its ultimate topic: the lamentation of the poet who has lost his beloved….Poetry, the specific poetic jouissance, emerges when the very symbolic articulation of this Loss gives rise to a pleasure of its own.

Slavoj Žižek in The Plague of Fantasies, p. 58

One thought on “Žižek on pleasure in pain

  1. Ilya Prigogine

    Ill yes. w/
    your sprig of gems

    your sickness
    like a priggish genie

    a heterogyne
    whose “void lattice”
    is “self-supposing”

    Ilya Prigogine.
    Meet Pierrot Le Fou//

    “a bitchy french lover”

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