today’s ensemble: aloha friday

aloha dress

Too much garbage? What if there
wasn’t enough fruit jelly
Up your body (havoc!)

“Too much sauce! That is spaghetti
with anchovies and olives tomato
soup! Blasphemy!”

Posts of this kind will not
be permitted in this carnival. …
Aloha! I am leaving paradise next week.

Notice that the aggressor is not wearing
too much padding and taking a substantial
amount of hits without getting hurt!

BTW I don’t dislike Aloha,
we don’t wear grass skirts and … i
drink too much and cry a lot but dance often

What is the meaning of “too much metal can destroy you”?
Gold fabrics won’t work, because they shimmer too much,
and there’s WAY too much rice, in comparison to spam

and the head is disproportionately big:

aloha dress

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