today’s ensemble: antidote

As an antidote to the brocade and kitsch formality of yesterday, today I wore purple & black gingham jeans and ponytails (what is it with the ponytails lately?). The puncta of today’s look are the candy-colored chunky bracelets on my right arm. I’m not at all sure of the meaning of the strange hand gesture I’m making here.

today's ensemble

The shoes are my second pair of FitFlops, the ones I think look “Italian.” Their comfort is almost beyond description. They make them for men, too. If you want happy feet, just buy these shoes, although they are admittedly not at the very height of fashion. No, no one paid me to mention them here.

I had to do a lot of walking today, because, like a good kid, I went to meet my mom who was transiting through JFK on her way back home from a hypnotherapists’ conference in Boston. We posed together:


My mother likes to talk to people, and we got to know rather well the bartender at the airport bar we sat at: he was Chilean, with a Jewish mother, and he had recovered from colon cancer, although he now has Crohn’s Disease. He said he no longer has a large intestine, and that he’s had to wear a bag for the past eleven years. He was in his early thirties, and looked absolutely glowing with health. I congratulate him on his pluck in the face of adversity.

Then I took the J train to the city to meet up with Gary and Stan and Tova and Leo. For some stupid reason I forgot to take a picture of them, but here are two interesting street fashion sightings for your entertainment:

(I like how her freckles coordinate with her dress:)

And this one needs no comment:

5 thoughts on “today’s ensemble: antidote

  1. The jeans are from Mandee's. Do they have that on the west coast?

    I do love teenybopper shops.

    I no longer have a bicycle; I sold mine because I found it unwieldy, and now this is my second bikeless summer almost gone.


  2. I haven't seen any Mandees, but there are plenty of teenybopper shops around here. I want to embrace non-flared pants for the practical reasons I mentioned, but it's hard to find ones that are actually flattering.

    No bicycle–sadness! At least in NY, though, there is public transportation…

  3. So I googled up this blog while trying to learn about Flarf & conceptual poetry, but I'm suddenly more concerned with your first-hand experience with Fit Flops. Are they really comfortable for long-distance walking? Do they tone your leg muscles as advertised?

  4. They really are divinely comfortable and I can walk all day in them. I hope the company takes it into its head to make boots, too.

    I don't know if they are toning me; I'm already pretty toned from dancing. I do know that I walk more in them, and that seems like it would naturally lead to toning.

    Just get some. Trust me.

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