“I wanted to make a film on guilt,”
so I went ahead and took another half of a pill.

I’d like to try to make pineapple caviar or spheres
to avoid that New Yorky thing—that pressure to show off–
so, I went ahead and did some more jumping jacks to get the blood pumping.

Since swine flu is super trendy
I thought it would be interesting to record things impossible to
experience physically
so I went ahead and got a mooncup

I wanted to make her a little nature fairy,
and that “savage indignation” drove me to political activism.

Some time later, it hit me. My euphoria became even more intense:

Usually I just slink off and sulk somewhere…..
Write some poetry, or something. …

And since my abortion, fun and uplifting like a romp,
I absolutely love covered buttons.

I was in mid quano sweep up in the barn inhaling bubonic
plague at the time…so … I wanted… to make… a dodecahedron .

After some time I again touched her hands I got some mehandi on my hands.

I enjoyed creating this doodle. I like all my meta-doodle doodles. …
But I don’t think it truly captures the essence of the Night Elf race

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