4 thoughts on “no one

  1. Don't tell me what it's like to be ignored, because I know all about it.

    More seriously: I'm not sure blogland ever developed much conversation about particular poems. People who primarily post poems on their blogs almost never receive responses. Not sure why that is. I don't think the medium automatically encourages discussion and debate about ideas over commentary about poems as such, so maybe it's just part of the larger environment of “poetics,” where the idea gets more attention than what gets done with the idea.

    So it's possible–he says, with humor–that people started reading your poem below more when you made it an issue of poetics, in this one, that they didn't read it–even though I know what you're saying here isn't just “poetics.” Because it works on that great principle: ask somebody to do something, and they usually won't, but tell them they want and they say, “Who are you to think you know what I will or won't read?”

  2. as somebody who used to be one of those people who posted their poems on their blog, i've thought about what mark's wondering about, and i think the reason people don't leave comments on the poems (other than a simple “i like it”) is that it would seem sort of, i don't know, presumptuous–to presume that the author is seeking feedback. it might feel like one is being a “bad guest”. i mean, if someone left a comment on one of my poems, i'd be like, “who asked you?”, unless of course it's a compliment, which i readily accept and in fact can't get enough of, truth be told. but i don't do that anymore, so it's moot in my case.

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