Today’s and Yesterday’s Ensembles: hello autumn

A teacher needs some gravitas on the first day of school, so I wore these burgundy suede platforms, which weigh at least a pound each. The result: mild shinsplints. Worth it, I think:


Feathers bedeck the skirt as an obvious contradiction to sought gravity: peacocks’ to keep me performative and hawks’ to keep me vigilant. Pale mauve backpack filled with first day lunch, notebook, and necessities.

That was yesterday. Today I felt almost secretarial, a little autumnal, although most people were far more autumnal than me today, in sweaters and boots already! So eager! But the season has changed like a stage backdrop as it always seems to in this city, only this time it is so awfully soon.

Teal blouse with smocked waist and neckline from Forever 21. Now I wish I’d bought one in all three colors (there were gray and raspberry as well, and they were cheap) (as are all things made in sweatshops). I watched part of Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle on UbuWeb Saturday night, and what do you know, it made me want to go shopping. I was like, “Guy, I keep doing all these detournements faithfully, but to no avail. The anomie is still intense. Or is it just because I’m menstrual?” Anyway, a good haul, and ever-so-temporarily therapeutic, as the collocation goes.


Autumn is my season, my end of the spectrum, my symphonic excess, my cornucopia of heavy muchness. Hello autumn.


One thought on “Today’s and Yesterday’s Ensembles: hello autumn

  1. SoS makes me want to go shopping, too. By using Shanghai Gesture and Johnny Guitar (two of best movies ever made) he also makes me want to go HOLLYWOOD. It's a curious effect.

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