poetry season opens with a BANG (and lots of ensembles)

amazing energy

Poetry season is Here Now, and it opened with a bang, for me at least, last night at the Zinc Bar with the stunning triple bill of Drew Gardner, Dana Ward, and Gary Sullivan. Drew opened, reading meditative poems about, among other things, wanting to explode. In the vid below he reads a Shakespeare rewrite. Dana read first an extraordinary dream thing, (it had, I mean, “dream” in the title, but whether it was an actual “dream narrative” is doubtful, as it was too riveting)and then an extended utterly masterful prose piece that interwove the role of the poet, toxicity, the story of a friend’s suicide, and a riff on a film about Joy Division. Gary read a number of shorter pieces, including a list of clown names, a wicked poem to Drew (in the middle of which G. cracked up), and a twisted version of “I Remember.” All poets were applauded with great enthusiasm.

Attendees included: LRSN, Anneliese Chen, Sharon Mesmer, David Borchardt, Katie,Degentesh, Sara Wintz, MacGregor Card, Nick Piombino, Toni Simon, Brandon Downing, Karen Weiser, a Spanish translator/poet/painter whose name I have forgotten, Kim Lyons organizer & introducer, and a few others: apologies if I have not mentioned you or do not know you.

This is the season for fashion sightings. This trio on the corner of MacDougal and West 3rd happily posed for me. I love everything about them, but especially the orange tabi footwear with the “cloven” effect.

they were just too fabulous

In transition time, people wear odd combinations to wonderful effect, like over-the-knee boots with twill shorts, or sleeveless mohair sweaters. Please note also the uniform (tangerine bowtie! pink pants!) of the man selling ices from his little unicorn cart.




Me I’m still posing for you.





points to notice: bubble skirt, Indian shibori scarf, fake leather jacket that actually looks (I think) cool, big ol’ boots, print skirt with contrast hem, ruffle wrap top, noseless overexposed mask face, etc.

3 thoughts on “poetry season opens with a BANG (and lots of ensembles)

  1. Thanks for the report Nada!

    I was really just about to request it in some other virtual domain. I really love your list of attendees. That rules. I am not going to amend my own blog.

    Were the registers of affect terribly different in these three readers?—it sort of sounds like that from the report and the youtubes.


  2. Drew and Dana: similar affect, although Dana's was more sustainedly lyrical (in the most poetic possible prose) and Drew's more fragmented & borrowed.

    Gary: a little different, certainly goofier, but the work came from multiple perspectives much the way Drew's did.

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