Mark your programs, please

Advancing Feminist Poetics & Activism

All events will be held at
The CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue
(between 34th & 35th Streets)
New York, New York

Room 4 [Panel 4]:
Conceptual Writings
Chair: Mónica de la Torre
Panelists: Nada Gordon, Vanessa Place, Sina Queyras, Kim Rosenfield, Christine Wertheim
Description: Conceptual writing, still under construction as a 21st century literary form, includes various kinds of work and techniques, such as appropriation, documentation, constraint, process, performance, polyvocality, collapsing search engines and the baroque. Panelists Mónica de la Torre, Nada Gordon, Sina Queyras, Kim Rosenfield, Christine Wertheim, and Vanessa Place will present/perform/comment on critical/creative work on conceptualism.

One thought on “Mark your programs, please

  1. Shitting is _so_ abject (at least in Kristeva's sense). Anything in that realm of “not me /but me” and “me /but not me” and “this thing that is not my body is coming out of my body” is abject, which does not mean it is not also useful or pleasurable — so then so many women with all of our abjection of babies, placentas, menses, milk, etc. There is that whole micro-genre of photos now of the cute hipster girl/ boy on the toilet appearing to shit, or in a puddle of what appears to be vomit (but which is often refrigerator-mix): the cutie-pie-ness of abjection!

    Dogs are ridiculous for their shameless public shitting. Many animals know what's up & are fastidious about concealing scat. It's useful to hide shit, because shit contains information for same-species competitors, prey, predators, etc. Dogs perhaps have that expression on their faces as they shit because they are thinking “we have lost part of our evolutionary wisdom through this ridiculous process of infantalizing domestication.” But I've even known dogs to kick up grass over what they have left behind sometimes!

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