to the tune of

In the greasy howls and fidgets
of our dirty knees, I’m a wannabe
In the clown hole of your rubber lime

To steam you adderall me
and Afghanistan
Now I’m a man
Ah but I mayonnaise
try and scratch chagrin

dee dee dada dadadadadada
da daaaaaaaa

For me to rub your jowl
‘Twould be a Swedish thing
‘Twould make me king
Ah but I mayonnaise
Try and scratch chagrin

5 thoughts on “to the tune of

  1. Hi Ry,

    I can't generalize. I mean, I suppose the answer would have to be, “sometimes.” Most often those poems would be over 100 years old, though.

    Is there something motivating your question? Some kind of challenge, maybe?

    And do you know what this poem is “to the tune of”?


  2. “to the tune of?” no i don't, but i swear i'm not totally dumb.

    no challenge or anything bad implied. i just wondered (out of general curiosity) if you wrote “serious” stuff– not that this poem wasn't “serious” but i mean like stuff without the coy (i mean no negative by this), 'posthuman' flarf vibe. ??

  3. Aren't humans coy, too?

    Seriously, though, I identify as a lyric poet. Maybe watch the video above from the Stain Bar and tell me if you think it sounds posthuman? Or read my books, especially the earlier ones, like foriegnn bodie or, well, Swoon, and tell me if you think they sound “serious.” That might not be the right word for what I do, but neither, definitely, is “posthuman.”

    The tune, BTW, is Donovan's “Catch the Wind.”

  4. ok-

    i am in kansas and poetry books outside of frost and billy collins take a few business days.

    posthuman isn't always a bad thing. at least i'm not sure if it is… ??

    but no i don't listen to much donovan. right now i'm listening to a band called “psychedelic horseshit” and then some old guy named gary burton who plays the vibes.

    anyway, i didn't mean “gloss” was a bad thing either though. i dunno though, there are alot of cute and funny robots in movies who can be pretty coy too.


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