don’t read this it’s boring

aaargh the dreams… was about to fly off to Japan with G. for some reason the airport was on the lower east side near delancey street… I stopped in a little store to buy some olive oil… why would I need to bring olive oil? and then remembered I hadn’t brought my cell phone or charger…so back to some apartment… not ours… but we’d been staying there… almost no furniture… an apparition slipped in… female, I think… maybe a homeless person using the bathroom… although too much like an apparition to actually use a bathroom… and then she slipped out again… and then I realized… Gary was nowhere to be seen… the flight was leaving in a half an hour… I still didn’t have my cellphone… I thought OK I’ll rent one… but where was Gary?… I noticed the olive oil was dark, like unprocessed argan oil…

Lynn you can have this boring stress dream if you want although I can’t imagine why anyone would want to read it: it doesn’t even have a denoument…

4 thoughts on “don’t read this it’s boring

  1. Ah…the flight dream.

    You must need to go somewhere then.

    The olive oil was unprocessed was it? That it is olive might be important you know…that it was unprocessed indicates that you believe it is not done yet. Whatever it is of course that it is the dream is referring to…a place, state of mind.

    You were the homeless woman. The fact that your cell phone was not to be found might mean that you fear that when you reach this destination, others will not be able to contact you there.

    It is a good dream by all indications.


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