Extraordinary. Not only was it a trenchant critique of its time and a metacommentary on the faculty of seeing and the medium of film, but also prescient of the soon-to-come doors-of-perception cleansing with which LSD was to douse the culture. Worth seeing just for the pink 1950s optical instruments and the partygoers doing the Twist naked in the main character’s enhanced vision.

also a brilliant video by Dani Leventhal as part of a program curated by Peggy Ahwesh, ADVENTURES CLOSE TO HOME, featuring mainly young women filmmakers. I enjoyed the other films as well, but Dani’s was a standout. In the Q and A afterwards, she said she had been influenced primarily by sculpture and drawing, and that made sense, but the edits really seemed like poetry to me.

Also on the program was Otis Turner’s THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ from 1910, which Peggy cited as an early influence, and I found this VERY interesting as my own last two movies have used images from the series of early Oz films. I stumbled on the DVD on a trip to Cape May last summer: what a treasure trove! And here it is (part 1)…

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