Lynn Behrendt’s Luminous Flux

I just got this book in the mail and am completely utterly floored by it. It absolutely pulsates. I don’t know how one could get it if one wanted it but maybe Lynn can tell us. Lynn?

Anyway, just read it. If you need me to give you fancy reasons in fancy words to convince you, I could do that, but mainly what I am saying is, just read it.

p.s. looking at it again, I note that I have #4 in an edition of 20. An edition of 20????Oh, poetry, you break my heart.

One thought on “Lynn Behrendt’s Luminous Flux

  1. Hi Nada,

    Yup, only 20. I made the book myself. I'd like to give it to a bunch more people—Kasey and Mitch, off the top of my head, but several other people too—but don't have the time or cash to make more at this point. If you know of anyone who's looking for chapbook material, let me know. I would love to be able to have it out there in the world more.


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