new video: "Glory"

Glory from Nada Gordon on Vimeo.

“Glory” is a collage poem/film redolent of women, hair, and excess. Source films include both versions of Cecil B. de Mille’s “The Ten Commandments,” D.W. Griffith’s “Intolerance,” the early Oz films, and some Bollywood favorites. The oud music to which the video is set is from a pirated CD I bought very cheaply at a souk in Marrakech and I know neither the musician nor the title of the piece. The source of much of the language for the poem is a secret online lexical goldmine. As Humpty Dumpty famously said, “There’s glory for you!” Note that the video is just over 14 minutes long and it is slow and hypnotic, so sit back.

3 thoughts on “new video: "Glory"

  1. This is really decadent and gorgeous Nada. Not sure if the glitch in which a phrase flashes onto the screen is intentional or not…if it isn't maybe it ought to be lengthened a second or two to make the point clear. It happens after the vainglorious top secret syphilises I believe.

    Otherwise, a small masterpiece that should garner you much praise for such things as psychotoxic flamboyances con nuance flounce.

    There is much to think about in this even if you hope not to create a thinking process through it…you just cannot toss out a gilded bovine and expect otherwise.

    The cheeky ride on a captive is lighthearted and rude and perhaps my favorite part is the drum set with wagging heads…this type of dance is seen primarily in the gulf region. Young women with extremely long and blue/black hair get busy in front of their patrons and whip their hair and that is the entire dance move…for hours on end. I always thought it curious that the Sunni gulf Arabs participated in that dance and broadcast it routinely on (usually) state run channels…the forbidden certainly but I guess not eh?

    Well done bacchanalia but of course, ideologically I cannot agree with the method. I do appreciate the technique and style, the artistic choices you have shown through it.


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