the little gland again…

Found out from my doc today that my thyroid is terribly overactive, has been maybe for months. No wonder I *can’t calm down.* Looking forward to adjusted dosage, and remembering how to relax… but also worrying about SLACKING OFF or GAINING WEIGHT. The worry itself, of course, is thyroid-related. At the mercy of the little gland as always.

Apologies to those to whom I may have behaved obnoxiously, overeagerly, irritably, etc.

4 thoughts on “the little gland again…

  1. You know, I was just writing to Ben that high thyroid is actually a lot “better” than low thyroid. With my thyroid high I get a lot done! And I'm so svelte! Even though I'm crazy and can't sleep and have a constant feeling of the world ending… when it's low I'm just a weepy banana slug and that is DREADFUL because there are no positive gains at all…

  2. N- I've been dealing w/ this since I was a teenager. It's important to get it in the normal range, esp to get regular blood tests w/ yr internal medicine doc. Both low and high have complications beyond mood: low sucks, but high is bad too, and includes heart disease as a complication.

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