I Was Making Some Tuna Melts

I was making some tuna melts
for my love and I last night
and of course as soon as the can opens,
“your new name is Buttercup Banana
Breath.” Beauty has a big butt that jiggles
like two fluffy pillows. Disco’s nicknames are:
“Growly Pants”, “Disco Duck”, “Madman” & “Mr. Fluffy Butt”
I call my boyfriend disco because I have a things for rabbits
and the sound of a cane hitting a young fluffy schoolgirls butt
in a rhythmic way. Even the hackle tips by stroking the hackle fibers
toward the butt of the feather a woman once asked me
to take off my pants I’m a fluffy green kitty.
Is the word “fluffy” modifying “penis” or … “butt poo”
stuck in the fur of a Sassy Witch Fluffy Butt Tutu
in black and purple happy kittens which is a change
from zombie-like ooze-creatures? I would say that Tinky
has a cute little tiny fluffy butt but I’ve also caught Horatio
trying to bury a poo in a Fluffy Bunny Butt Fuzzy Nutter
Butt Piddle Butt Mayonnaise. Slice and cube pork butt
removing gland. I will miss your funny bark (“BURF”).
Then, if the feather is fairly large and the fronds are fairly long,
the first thing you should do is discard all the junky,
fluffy stuff around the butt. Princess Purr-a-lot
loves to ride my shoulder, usually with his fluffy butt
on my ear for stability, and Elvis’ Monkey Butt Cupcakes
start to give screams in the rhythm of the cane.
D = gidget E = crusty F = greasy G = fluffy H = cheeseball
J = honker K = butt L = brain M = tushie N = chunks O = hiney
Floofy means fluffy, as in a very floofy tail;
Số liệu thống kê của Ms. Fluffy Butt.

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