odd people

encountered many odd people today

the young johnny depp-like guy (long hair, good cheekbones & physique)sitting next to me at the Good Stuff Diner who kept moaning to himself and fidgeting…. I saw him take out a pack of cold pills and down one, in addition to drinking THREE ice coffees in the brief time that I sat there. he kept blowing his nose loudly into a napkin and then tossing the napkin, unfolded, on the table… he was so fidgety from all the stimuli, hardly ate his bagel and lox, although he kept spreading the cream cheese around… and then he was on his cell phone, telling someone he would pay back some money

also a tiny Muslim man in the 14th st. station, as much as six inches shorter than me, which would make him 4’5″, in white kameez and wool jacket, with jaunty astrakhan cap on his head

in the same station, possibly homeless? guy in orange jacket who came up to me and asked me if I was an artist because I was holding a giant palette. I said no, I mean yes, I am, but these are tiles… the palette was covered with small glass tiles… showroom samples I found on 15th st. outside the tile store; they must have been discarding old stock… other odd people: a man with an accent that sounded, I don’t know, maybe Greek? and a walking stick kept saying “look at all these beautiful tiles, just look at them! look at this blue! just like water!” and another woman, also picking through the tiles eagerly… of course I got in on the act

and in my eagerness got a giant BLOOD BLISTER on my little finger…

well, this evening was Fellini-esque somehow…

One thought on “odd people

  1. Public urban astrakhan!

    Entranced lately with this line by Amīr Khusro, disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya, which I can't think of without picturing a jaunty astrakhan:

    Nizamuddin, a Muslim, watching Hindu devotions in the Ganges: “Every people has its right path, its faith, and its focus of worship.”

    Khusro: “I focus my worship on the tilted cap of my Beloved.”

    I focus my worship on the tilted cap of my Beloved.

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