Today’s ensemble RETURNS


Purpurated habitually: this delicate lunge.

Mellowly dramatic sparrows on my fluffed-up heartbeat.

The forge.

Reality went all glib and masturbatory…like difficult money.

The poetry should TEAR UP the space (as a kind of scrounge). Right?

Ampling into a rough and beautiful future, not ignoring plumes.

Let me hold you as a hypnotized tongue.

Torrent of vibrant nos in the decorative blame arcade.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night: like a fabric swan.

And on that weirdness now I lay my weary curls.


Outfit blogging returns at the request of Jill Bohn, beautiful mother of Gary Sullivan and therefore beautiful mother-in-law to me. Today I am wearing black Docs (so often pictured in this series), super-warm lavender glitter tights, sort-of-Lolita schoolgirl skirt in lime plaid with black tulle underlayer, and purple and black warm items on top. The feline presence in the upper photo is Dante, who is lamentably huge but very very sweet.

5 thoughts on “Today’s ensemble RETURNS

  1. some of this went into me
    like a javelin
    thrown from a great height

    the particularity


    was exhilarating
    and fulfils an exemplus
    of an aesthetic
    which is like
    i don;t know
    already there
    or something i like

    its badass
    its archaeological
    and its vennusian

    there is something
    erotic and feminine
    about distributed
    sound connections
    and their ironico-cool

    i cant quite pin it down

    and I DONT WANT TO!

    totally dig the outfit!
    I am so into this idea
    of like contradictory
    encodings or layers or whatever.
    plus there's just a whole lot
    of personal proclivities
    that you seem to bring out
    that related to a system approach
    that just



    like young cheeks.
    of either end.


  2. You know, Lanny, it's interesting, as I was writing this on the train this morning, or weaving around the time of the writing of this, I was thinking precisely about layers and how obsessed I am with them in pretty much all media except haircuts. Twice I have linked to a photo of a Vivienne Westwood skirt composed of heartbreakingly fabulous layers of tulle, feeling that the garment somehow encapsulated for me an emblem of an ideal poetics. I also have a thing for Heian sleeves. So really, you were very insightful to pick up on that. Thank you always for your complimentariness as well.

  3. Nada, In Dallas, right now,
    at Ahab Bowen
    there is a gorgeous turkish
    Dervish shirt whose overlong sleeves
    totally echo your desire for the Heian. I almost bought it, and opted instead for a 1970's Parisian night-shirt with a decidedly
    faux-pre-digital era digital art
    ethos thing.

    I am so totally blown away. It seems like you are one of the few people still able to harken
    back to the feminine roots
    of blogging which is where I started at. The blog is a totally feminine construction which has been distorted for whatever
    ontological profit.

    I'm kind of a dir(t)bag, but
    I respect quality when i see it!

    If you are in Dallas, Ahab Bowen
    is a good shop. And there is a great Old Dallas oyster house
    right next door, across from the fittingly named pub,

    the idle rich!

    hope to see you someday !

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