Commute from Nada Gordon on Vimeo.

I videoed myself writing in my notebook during my morning commute. It’s long and tedious, the image quality is terrible, and the concept pretentious, but still, I’m interested in the “processual” cadences of the “writing mind.” Are you?

3 thoughts on “commute

  1. Absolutely, would have watched it raptly if the resolution had been good enough to see the words. Nothing works for me if I don't respect the tangible/corporeal. For the past year or so all my poems have been drafted in 3 stages, and each of those stages is pretty defined by its physicality. First round is hand and pen and page, because nothing that I haven't touched with my fingertips, nothing that hasn't left me inkstained can even establish a “cadence”. Next draft I use a Royal Quiet DeLuxe, because I hammer it on the page. I inscribe it. I give it weight. Each word is firm, irrevocable. This compels me to leave out what I need to. Finally it can go on the computer where words can dance around and disappear with a flick of the wrist, or enter the hivemind and mutate.

  2. Not really. I think it is self indulgent to be honest, unless of course you go all the way with that type of recordkeeping. But then again, I'm not you nor do I think the way I write would be of interest to anyone who possesses a keyboard. I can't even write by hand anymore although I do attempt it now and then.

    I wonder, do you catalogue your edits and such?

    My old friend Dick Bakken (West Coast/oral/performance poet of some renown) keeps everything down to the napkins he first scribbles his ideas on. He files and maintains spotless records of his work including every single edit. He is a lousy housekeeper though hahaha.

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