Dangerously Hot, Fast Thrill, Mellow Mood and Vanity’s Child. Color(s): 15 minutes (a), 1n (g), 2n (l), 3-d (f), 3n (l), 4n (l), 5n (l), ahoy, there!, aloof (l), amorous (s), angel (f), antiquitease (f), back to del rio (l), barely lit (l), berry boost (a), blankety (a), blast o’ blue (l), blonde on blonde (f), bombshell (f), brave (s), brew (l), brick-o-la (a), bronze shimmer (f), budding lust (f), buoy-o-buoy, burnin’ (ac), capricious (l), captive (s), cb-96 (f), charismatic (l), charm factor (l), chatterbox (a), cherish (s), chic (f), chili (m), chintz (f), chintz on chintz (l), classical (l), coconutty (f), cosmo (a), craving (a), creme de la femme (f), curtsy (l), cyber (s), dangerously hot (a), danse (f), dark side (a), deep attraction (l), deep love (m), del rio (s), delish (f), dense (a), desire (l), destined (a), diva (m), double shot (a), dubonnet (a), eager (l), eden rocks (f), embraceable (l), emphatic (a), enraptured (l), entwined (l), exhibitionist (a), fabby (f), fast lane (l), fast play (a), fast thrill (f), faux (s), feel so fine (m), festivity (f), fetish (f), film noir (s), flowerplay (l), fluid (f), freckletone (l), frenzy (f), fresco (s), fresh brew (l), fresh moroccan (f), frou (f), full blown (f), fun fun (l), gel (f), giddy (l), gilty kiss (f), girl about town (a), gleam (f), half-n-half (a), her fancy (f), high strung (f), high tea (l), hipster (f), honey love (m), honeyflower (l), hot tahiti (f), hotscotch (a), house wine (l), hue (f), hug me (l), hyper (f), icon (f), impassioned (a), instinctive (l), jest (l), jist (f), jubilee (l), kinda sexy (m), lady bug (l), lame (f), lip treatment (lt), lovedust (m), lovelorn (l), lustering (l), mac red (s), mauv…

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