… there was a big hubbub outside of Pratt: fire engines, ambulances, crowds pointing up at the building across the street, a highrise coop. Traffic was virtually stopped. A woman was shaking her finger as if to scold someone, looking up. I saw all this action from my office window. I didn’t run downstairs to check it out, but later someone told me that a baby had been trying to climb over the balcony of one of the upper-story apartments.

…I saw a young couple making out in the 14th street station. When people choose to do that I choose to stare at them. They just kept kissing and kissing. Fucking young people. Fucking spring. A little while later they were trying to make a phone call from the pay phone on the platform. I could see his semi-hard cock he was trying to hide or subdue making a lump in his chinos. Fucking spring.

…I seem to have eaten a great deal of tofu.

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