The Otter’s Inquisition

Otter: Do you have a link for YOUR claim, moon?

Sea Otter Rollergirl Lover: A hairy twink is an “Otter”

Otter: I eat ducks sometimes, as if Al Qaeda didn’t exist

Pahd Thai: So I guess Sarah Palin is actually some kind of giant space otter?

Beaver: Otters have been blamed for the deaths of hundreds of frogs and toads and sheltering al-Qaeda leader

Otter: I swim around on my back and do cute little human things with my hands. I smell like a genius.

Beaver: No way – beavers are so much cooler than otters. Tell us something about what it means to be Canadian, and what it means to be alive.

Otter: My baby otter, let me show you it. Al Qaeda Otter brings Jihad baby to you.

Hairy Twink: Eaten by shrews he had tried to recruit otters as replacement al-Qaeda soldiers. An ordinary otter, whining all the time, is offered immortality by a cyborg ferret soldier from Al Qaeda.

Sarah Palin: Why do you hate America, otter-lover?

Otter: Just look them up in Yellow Pages under “psychotic terrorists”

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