First of all, I like wigs and toupees and have never, and would never,
ridicule anyone for wearing one – ever!

I like wigs. I like dresses. I like makeup. I like tulle. I like
candy. I like to glue things to models. I like to think of silly
ideas. I like butterflies.

I like wigs, glitter, saxophones, and my little doggie Buster! and cupcakes!

I like wigs and i don’t like lead. Sometimes i think about maths. I’m
a boy, young and not sure if i’m happy or sad.

That brings me to The Thing I Like — wigs. A thing of beauty is a joy to behold.

I hate wiggy looking wigs

i like Wigs · alot · Tom the sugar glider · Wigs eating · yup · she’s
cute · very cute · and grooms alot · its deceiving

I like wigs and thongs, and it would be great if you wanted to try on
some outfits for me….not necessary though.

I like wigs and beards

Whips, ears, noses, tails, swords, oooo and lots of wigs!

Elvis?? a hot centaur, I like wigs, history, sparkly objects, bright
colors, the sun, Marie Antoinette, cheeze its, college football and

i like wigs but this one itches a lot(well not so much.) i might have
to go in the corner and itch it with a bobby pin

28. i like wigs

29. when ppl are talking about something i usually start talking about
something tht has nothing to do with anything we were talking about

”God hates shrimp,” “I have a yo-yo,” “I like wigs”

i like hats,i like wigs[[im weird]]they are fun,you never know you
might have to wear one,believe me
i hate little kids voices,make me want to beat the crap out of them

i act like im friends with little kids,bx sometimes they are cool,
but most of time…no
im in love with god
get over it

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