some of the things I ate in Japan

mentaiko spaghetti
“canapés” on saltines with, hmm, ikura, and plum jam & brie
variety of puffy breads & pastries from the convenience store including cranberry and cheese bread, walnut & chocolate bread, almond and coffee bread, choco-swirl bread, chocolate croissant, bread with chestnuts and black bean paste
sukiyaki with two different broths
maitake soba zaru
strawberry yogurt
matcha parfait
crème anmitsu
fruits parfait
crab pizza
mentaiko udon
yaki saba (mackerel)
variety of pickles
beef curry
yaki-masa (trout)
kuro-goma tai-yaki (fish-shaped mochi cake with black sesame filling)
sashimi & nigiri galore: sake, toro, iwashi, hamachi, etc. etc. etc.
daikon with miso filling
shiso leaf filled with sweet strong miso
several varieties of ramen (the best was Kyushu style)
bear soup (yes, bear soup. it was incredibly good)
umi no satchi spaghetti
hotate salad
a whole variety of salads, involving potatoes, corn, konyaku, etc.
asparagus & shiitake stirfry
aji-fry teishoku
unagi donburi set
senbei & arare galore
meiji chocolate almonds
matcha float
yakitori including shishito & shiitake
chawan mushi
chicken terikayi donburi
agedashi –dofu
mitarashi dango

This is only a partial list. The extraordinary thing is, get this, is that despite my having consumed all this, which you may have noticed includes an obscene number of desserts, I didn’t gain any weight. Maybe a pound. But wow.

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