even flowers have a personality

Now and then my mother gets it into her head to send me poetry I wrote when I was little. I have posted at least one of these before, but she just sent me these a moment ago, so I post her email in its entirety

(Early Works, age 11 or 12)


a number

a poem in itself

a mathematical complication, a 3 digital figure


Love – Beauty – Virtue – And other corny junk


Chinese Noodles and fried asparagus noses


But all it really is – is 3.95.


What is a thought?

A being –

A state of consciousness –

Or even a butterfly?

The wind is a thought –

A thought from the creatures above

The rain is a thought (a soggy thought)

Even lifeless boogars are a thought

But – what is not a thought?

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next episode of Philosophical nonsense

Same time

Same station

1974 –

For one thing, I’ve always enjoyed photography and I love drawing and plants. I’ve always wanted to be a writer (I always have been anyway!)

I love flowers and birds, live beautiful bursts of color and energy, believe it or not, I think that even flowers have a personality.

I also like to read a lot. I started reading when I was about two, and I could read “Charlotte’s Web” when I was 3 and 1/2 . When I tell my friends this, they don’t believe me, but it’s the naked truth.

One thing that drives me crazy is slugs. I don’t mind snails, but slugs! Yuk!

P.s. This is only of the corniest things I’ve ever wrote.

Love from Mama

5 thoughts on “even flowers have a personality

  1. Brilliant early works from one of the world's great writers! Splendid inspired writing! And yes, I'm Nada's mom – and I'm also a fan.
    Love from Mom
    (aka Marilyn Gordon)

  2. That's damned good stuff for 10! You must have been a precocious little brunette.

    Recently I met a bright little girl while subbing in an elementary school. For some reason she kept calling me Mr. Vegetable Juice. I wanted to buy her a milk shake or something.

  3. these were good.

    at 11-12 i was writing rhymed stuff that were like bad heavy-metal lyrics. i was so embarrassed of that stuff that when i was 19 i burned all my journals and cassettes from adolescence and i deeply regret it- as well as love notes from girlfriends and their pictures… 😦 u r lucky to have this stuff. and of course my dad wouldve thought i was gay if he knew i wrote poems so u r lucky in that too haha

    [the first one could've been written by an adult at Iowa and a few marxist analyses on it could exist by now]-

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