Eyes were open sort of: text everywhere so frontal like a lobotomy

This morning’s a perfectly illogical isosceles triangle that wracks my body with palpitations. For a moment I forgive everyone, then I take it back. Shedding mustard, dawn of time twinkles tm. Jailed for or jailed in ideas? Dowry (downy) isosceles. People: devices, decorations, distractions. I don’t know, I just loved… meat eating tool user, tool usee? painted wrath. Painted mouth. Someone with my name. O, dear Future corpses, why must we suffer so. Pain like a name or mane. I try to do nothing inside the wire fencing. Crumble. I’m seeing it all crumbling, bye civilization, it was nice to meet you. Squib. Run screaming from room… when the doll of perception is cleansed… I don’t know.. but your wrath… is boring to me, like being caught in a Swiss chalet with no TV and no car. Her socks have text on them, my pen has text o it, his pants have text on them, text everywhere so frontal like a lobotomy. Mighty purr – wonder bird – hasty snow — hating dollar menus. Just outgrow “salvation” already. Put your pants back up on your ass. [singing] “Your email is a wonderland.” I have to enclose the light. No one is going to do it for you. Sometimes you just have to put your hands on your hips Ladies frocks, hairpin turns. Financial panties, wormlike caves, silvery encrustations. “Liberated” from the details of our costumes, we sail forth to work harder. Bead muse, or rather, dead mouse on the sidewalk, but I don’t wanna be all I see this I see this I see this, I don’t like that kind of filmic.

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