not really a "restriction"

cheese & all veggies OK
but I don’t like roasted red
peppers although
I’ll eat them. so that’s not
really a “restriction.”

I also eat most normal
i.e. to westerners — “non-organ”
meats — from
the approved normal list of
edible animals although I am well
aware of the ethical and health
compromises of doing so.

I do not order
hamburgers anymore
because I do not want
to be paralyzed from the
waist down

I bought a little tartlet
for us for dessert: it looks so
good. if there’s a store near you

let’s get some whipping cream for it…

the only other foods I really don’t like
are capers (but I will eat
them) and certain Japanese foods (sea
urchin, and something called
shiokara) that are really
blecch I won’t eat

// don’t go to too much
trouble. I’m fine with
simple stuff, often just
have salad
for dinner.

2 thoughts on “not really a "restriction"

  1. thanks, Alli!

    Sara WIntz invited me over for dinner and asked if I had any dietary restrictions. This was my reply to her. I realized I liked it so much that I needed to lineate it as a poem. I suppose that is exactly how Dr. Williams felt about his plum poem.

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