unbearable sadness

The Unbearable Sadness of Toaster Product Reviews

Unbearable Sadness of Commentary Tracks

The unbearable sadness of — love letters.

unbearable sadness of naive romantic feelings being crushed by the
passage of time.

Unbearable Sadness of Vegetables

The unbearable sadness of evolution

the unbearable sadness of folding laundered cotton shifts that would
be later buttoned over medical tubing and frail arms

the unbearable sadness of sandwiches running out!

The unbearable sadness of race

the unbearable sadness of this puppet theater

the unbearable sadness of logo costumes

The Unbearable Sadness of Tear Gas

The unbearable sadness of udon.

a near-unbearable sadness of sustenato

this unbearable torturous sadness of so many years

The Unbearable Sadness Of Dimensions

GOD, THE UNBEARABLE SADNESS OF THIS. Where are my Kit Kats? The thing
is, this will, of course, ruin Archie Comics forever

the insect-like reactive nature of those who represent us and the
unbearable sadness of it all

unbearable sadness of his mother’s singing of an old Kentucky song

The unbearable sadness of it not being true.

the unbearable sadness of his comedy, the elegant cruelty wielded
quickly and efficiently like the slimmest, sharpest and deadliest

Unbearable Sadness Of The Cute Dog Of The Day: Sweater Pug

the unbearable sadness of being alone

almost unbearable sadness of the words

4 thoughts on “unbearable sadness

  1. This is very beautiful. It reminds me of some of MacLow's poems for (Iris Lezak as it?)

    I love poems that wield artifice and then dismantle it and lay it on the field at the end and just stare at it.

    Like a Japanese sword.

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