One Big Happy Family!!

Have you ever secretly wished your family
could be like the Brady Bunch
where everyone got along like one big happy family?
one big, happy, inbred, necrophiliac family?
one big happy, comfortable, not awkward family?
a close-knit family of four dealing with life
as a morbidly obese household?

As the drama between Mashonda, Swizzy
and Alicia Keys begins to dwindle down,
the onset of real life is unfolding:
Grandmother reveals her pride
at her two daughter’s teenage pregnancies
while the whole group live off the state.

Tibet: One big, happy family.
One big happy family – Obama and Palin!
One Big Happy Family: 18 Writers Talk About Polyamory
My favorite kind of food ever is omelets.
They’re just so good and you can do so much with them

My parents fought allll day yesterday
and I woke up this morning to hear
my mom yelling at my dad, again.
Is a happy couple a boring couple?

Next, we have to find a happy looking couple
to turn into a gothic nightmare. How about
a Young Happy Couple In Love Relaxing On A White Couch?

attractive, background, beach, beautiful, beauty,
body, charm, couple, desire, erotic, face, family,
feeling, friend, friendship, girl, happiness, happy…

They fought all night last night,
they even fought about pizza
and they weren’t even drunk
(but they did get drunk later on
which made things so much worse).

Turtles are having Orgasms to Turtles’ Happy Together
//So// Happy Together. Come all you fair and tender
maidens. Take care with how you court young men.
They’re like a star on a cloudy morning.
I’m just sick of it. I can’t stand to live
like this, but what else can I do?

O-o-o-oh So happy together O-o-o-oh
How is the weather Ba, ba ba ba ba
So happy together Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba
We’re happy together Ba ba ba ba

Western civilisation is probably
my favourite civilisation of all

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