balance sheet

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I’m making a list of losses and gains.
artistic partner
trust in people’s vows and promises (at least for now)
weight (120 to 107)
hair (I keep thinking I should ask the super to come up and unclog my drains, but that sounds embarrassingly louche)
sense of a vision of the future
joie de vivre (temporary)
closet space
friends (yay! friends!)
material (I’ll have a whole new book when I’m done with this)
independent identity free from infection by his prejudices, biases, paranoias, etc.
freedom (although I’m still too totally bewildered to know what to do with it)

One thought on “balance sheet

  1. Darling,
    I love this list. On my own Gains list from long ago: bagels. yes, for 5 years, I didn't eat one, infected by the dislikes of another. how could i have been so stupid? The Gains list will get longer over time, as things shift over from Losses.
    Can't wait to read the book, meanwhile devouring the blog.

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