You Have to Look Past the Sausage

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Not all men are predators just the majority of them you have to look past the sausage
the men are predators who wait for the young girls to be released from the orphanage
“Men are predators.” Women face cosmetics endorsed his face, “but then, cool-looking satyr satyr is usually not known.” “What is it called?
Skirts and hair are short or long, breasts are in or out, women are “barracudas” or, as today, men are “predators.”
women know it but they also know that men are predators and have a dark side
Cosmetologically speaking, men are predators, women are domesticators. Shamanism, for males, is the paradigmatic complement to female pottery manufacture
yep again..all ‘strange’ men are predators
men are predators not goofy misguided cartoon fodder
in a metaphor like “men are like wolves,” how is the way in which wolves are predators different from the way in which men are predators?
men are predators and women are preys
Also, men are predators of blue whales.

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