Shina No Yoru

Hand-Pulled Noodles

I read Edward Said and feel bad about my orientalism.

I can watch the process of my orientalism, but cannot stop its progress or my attachment to it.

There is something inscrutably authentic about my Orientalism that is not present in that of others.

I read through my orientalism to create a character that took details seriously. Generalizations were viewed as generalizations. I learnt the art of reading.

My orientalism costume made me look dowdy. I can still wear the wig because it’s a flapper bob. I just wish I had a fabulous tasseled dress.

The bloom of my Orientalism is fresh upon me, and this apathy and listlessness have laid hold.

It goes with my Orientalism collectibles 🙂 However, there are so many nice rose/oud scents on the market these days.

My Orientalism was primarily a childhood and adolescent phenomenon.

I come by my orientalism honestly: spontaneous joy, travel, Turks, woodcuts, wormholes, Circuses, Shriners, and Fairs, Oh My: Orientalism… a dream of minarets and domes, or dark-eyed houris reclining in perfumed gardens, of obese sheiks and sultans with a harem of the unwilling.

My “orientalism” had been elevated to such a sexual degree that little else mattered. And you know what? That just made me feel lousy.

In my Orientalism, neither the term Orient nor the concept of the West has any ontological stability.

You may be right about my “orientalism” and deep down, below the surface of an emancipated male, I even may want to be a patriarch.

I borrowed a ribald poem with the word “meat-stick” in it, to drum out the last chapter of my Orientalism.


Tinkerbell naked
Coloring pages of
peter pan and tinkerbell:
You are my orientalism,
bitterly enabling of you.
Strong year, and however
fix its humane father.
Sufficiently superficial
my orientalism. Sufism.
Poofism. Proustism.
What would SaĂ­d’ve said?
Meaning or sound?
Where does the river bend?
approach myself quite my
quarterstaffs, with my
chippendale painlessly
the chicot and my ringtones
on the lactate in my
orientalism, and gargle
to it, and haphazardly
with my orientalism upon.
I could murk a siouan
many stoplight that were
not twinkling before.
Lexicon, how could she
resemble? flamboyant
sandilands, tempestuous
with a renunciant to
holyrood house; my
orientalism having
feminize from the
monochrome, headfasts
addiction, I pharmacy
my orientalism important
what is meth amphetamine.

I Found the Best Orientalism Online.
I bought my Orientalism with ease
and the low cost was inexpressible.
My Orientalism arrived in a week
from my seller.


Upon closer inspection, he finds it to be the giant egg of a Roc, a type of immense dragon-like bird.

Tastes like bopis, fills like linguine, yet still has the unique appeal of fresh hand-pulled noodles. This is my orientalism at its best.

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