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The unspeakable tragedy of recent events casts a pall of fear and uncertainty around the world.
It seriously casts a pall and a really awkward silence.
The smoke of raging fires casts a pall.
The Cold War casts a pall over a family.
Yogi’s Absence Casts a Pall Over Old Timer’s Day Already Tinged with Sadness., casting a pall over jazz musicians as far away as New York and Europe.
Insider trading casts a pall over Tokyo.
Violence casts a pall over Brazil.
An unpleasant greenish tinge to blacks casts a pall over the darker scenes.
Deadly elephant virus casts a pall over captive breeding programs here for Asian elephants.
The transposed hatred casts a pall to the depths of their minds; they are accompanied throughout their lives by an inexplicable melancholia.
Smog casts a pall over sex life of birds.
The stench of the penned-up animals casts a pall over the memorial event.
A sudden incident casts a pall in Beijing.
A slow, dusty way of life casts a pall of depression and enervating pace among the townsfolk.
That fact casts a pall over some of our grand tech visions.
Global slump casts a pall over Chinese New Year.
Never knowing whether your baby chicks are going to live or die casts a pall of uncertainty and gloom.
“Emotional”/“physical” distinction casts a pall of apparent antiscience over our work and makes us appear obsolete from the outset.
Death Casts a Pall Over Trials, its little paws curling, tail twitching, brilliant black eyes losing their luster as the specter of death casts a pall over them.
Garlic Mustard Casts a Pall on the Forest.
Such doubt casts a pall over the questions of how is man to live.
Homophobe academician casts a pall on the whole institution.
“The desire to be significant casts a pall.”
Tragedy Casts a Pall Over Armenian Ceremony.
Some things you can never forgive, and the darkness of it casts a pall over everything you do.
Financial unease casts a pall over marriages in general.
Often called the queen of witches, Rangda symbolizes evil, and her appearance on the scene casts a pall on the action.
There is something wrong with indulging yourself if it casts a pall over the team and irritates the hell out of non –booing.
The heedless puerility of it—not to say cruelty—casts a pall over the entire display.
It’s the onset of hay fever that casts a pall over spring.
The whimsical remains, but a gloom casts a pall over the land as well, and the March hare, hatter, cat and mouse are discombobulated.
The tortuous, tantalising, thwarted object whose failure to be attained casts a pall of terrible anxiety over everything.
It casts a pall of unending anomie such that addiction is almost necessary to survive life’s bleak prospects, and yet punishes transgression without regard to particular exigencies.
Indonesian translation of casts a pall: menurunkan…

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