This is outrageous. This is my fourth day in this miserable place. The first entire 24 hours I was in a cubicle in the emergency room surrounded by monitor beeps, constant activity, fluorescent lights, and not even a magazine to distract me. I’ve had two MRIs, a CAT scan, several EKGs, a thorough sonogram of my heart, my brain waves measured, panoramic dental x-rays etc etc. The doctors nurses dietitians and orderlies don’t communicate with each other. Of course all my damn tests are coming up clear. I could have told them that. They knew I needed thyroid meds and antidepressants but they didn’t provide them. Yesterday a friend brought them to me from home. The nurse wouldn’t let me take them, said she had to talk to a doctor. I said screw that and took them this morning because I am getting almost unmanageably distraught. I didn’t need all those tests. I could have told them that I passed out because I didn’t eat enough that night and because there is too much language in my head and because I am trying to do too much and fill up the awful hole in my heart too fast.

— Post From My iPhone

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