can’t chew

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I can’t chew at all. The only way
I can eat anything is if I mash it up
with my cheeks but my cheeks can’t
do much. Dogs can’t chew gum.  A
sleeping puppy can’t chew on inappropriate
things. “What has a mouth but can’t chew?”
When you think of a mouth, you first think
of people, but they all can chew. But I
can’t chew. I am full, I am not hungry. I don’t
know how to chew! If You Can’t Chew It,
Push It To The Side Of The Plate. The Media
Can’t Chew Gum and Scratch Its, uh, Head
at The Same Time. Rabbits: My Bunny
Can’t Chew hard Food? “Mom, that’s silly
you can’t chew on a Kindle.” Unfortunately
I can’t chew at all! I thought I could manage
extra-soft bread so I bought some on Saturday,
but it took me two hours to eat. You can’t think
because you can’t chew. A horse that can’t chew
its food can get impactions of the throat and also
intestines. . And pigeons can’t chew. Alligators
can’t chew! So, they have to eat large animals
together. One or two crocodiles effectively brace
the carcass in the jaws. Piggyshoe can’t chew gum.
You can’t chew these Gummy Bears. Yummy, yummy,
gummy bears! I’ve been playing again. Can’t chew gum
without blowing bubbles.” Can’t chew through his last
pants…(uh-huh) for havin’ blood on my ‘gators. Dogs
enjoy chewing on things that they can easily destroy
or shred, some humans will chew food in the month
to feed to a baby, termites can’t chew through steel
or lightbulbs. You can’t chew tobaccy on that golden
shore, ‘Cause the Lord don’t have no cuspidor.
What has a mouth but can’t chew? There is a
Yiddish saying that you can’t chew with somebody
else’s teeth. pyramid of hearts · i can’t chew my truth
DAISIES · face the smile …if you can’t chew it, you
can’t screw it! If I’m doing something very intense,
I can’t really chew gum because I can’t chew and
breathe hard at the same time. You don’t understand,
I might look big, but I can’t chew. I only have plankton.
Oh I can’t chew that piece of broccoli Mom gag. You can’t
chew the cud with beef on your breath and you
can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd you can’t eat
your friends. Your throat feels closed in. Babies
do not chew with their teeth, She can’t chew
through the metal bars as easily as the softer
green grass. I can’t chew the suckers but then
I couldn’t chew the old ones. I know you can’t
chew up a concertina, but what about using
a box cutter to cut it in half? Your throat feels
closed in. Then he breaks your heart by doing
something that hurts you so bad that you can’t
chew or swallow your food right. Somebody
else’s teeth, DAISIES, pyramid of hearts: I can’t
chew my truth.

2 thoughts on “can’t chew

  1. I thought it said: I can't chew my mouth.

    Dang girl, you have been havin the troubles. If I lived in NY I take you out for a big kettle of macaroni and cheese, or dress up as Bast and release cat head balloons each carrying a little bag of macaroni.

    Macaroni is the spiritual person's
    Pix Graeca or Double Ashram of the dawb.. (snickercandy piratre!)

    really hope you are okay, and do be careful, i know i fall down all the time. last year i flew off of a set of wooden stairs and landed on my back right on the stairs, and the bikers are killing the joggers here
    all the time! watch out for bikers!
    Or joggers! I would be even worse to be having a crappy day and accidentally kill someone!

    My Uncle did that.
    He accidentally killed a beautiful Mexican girl who suddenly bolted across the highway after she tinkled.

    It was early in the mornin''.
    Absolutely true!
    Beware of tinkle euphoria caprice!

    and Visit JBW
    for a free Holiday Themed Poster
    involing post-apocalyptic parodies of Dickens (or somesuch)


    Lanny “Codgergi” Cratchit

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