Name Dropping

These are some of the people I got to see, meet, and hang out with on this trip:

My mom
Elia Haworth
Eve Haight
Konrad Steiner
Jim Brogan & partner
Ailene & Ryan
Liza & Dave Bobrow
Juliana Spahr
Charles Weigl
Bill Luoma
Alli Warren
Brandon Brown
David Brazil
Sara Larsen
Rob Halpern & Lee
Robert Kocik
Daria Fein
Steve Dickison
Barrett Watten
Kit Robinson & Ani
Alan Bernheimer
Melissa Riley
Erika Staiti
Kate Pringle
Brian Ang
Suzanne Stein
Lauren Levin
Dan Fisher
Andrew Kenower
Stephanie Barber
Lindsey Boldt
Steve Orth
Cynthia Sailers
Susan Gevirtz
Nick Dorsky
Melia Franklin & children
Astrid Al Mklaafy & Kaatje
Stephanie Young
Joseph Mosconi
Rita Gonzales
K. Lorraine Graham
Mark Wallace
Vanessa Place
Teresa Carmody
Christine Wertheim
Brian Kim Stefans
Aaron Kunin
Andrew Maxwell
Ara Shirinyan
Matt Timmons

and this is only a partial list! I am so fortunate to know such fascinating and lovely people.

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One thought on “Name Dropping

  1. I think all of us are fortunate to know you, Nada. Great reading in L.A. I don't think I mentioned that I noticed the shrine you built with your books on stage… fascinatingly relevant to the performance.

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