Horse Sticker

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Found a odd little blue thing
when replacing my airfilter.
What does it look like? If it
looks kinda like a comb
it’s something you use
for your surfboard called
a wax scraper or something
like that, a strange little blue
 thing with  a snaggle-toothed
space fish. You squeeze it into
your little one’s nose, then
you can suck out all the saline
and mucous with the little blue
thing, yeah there is a little thing
called sparkle it’s a little blue thing.
The little blue thing is actually
a mini flash light; the girls will use it
with their dolls. Clever little blue thing.
Yeah baby. Symmetry, red plates like
teeth, quartered heard, metallic purple,
ooh that little blue thing, like a credit card,
and the blue lady. I WANT A DUCK. I’ve got
a little blue thing, and my favicon is the same.
I’ve no idea what this blue thing is. I know
sometimes you can’t see that itsy bitsy tiny
little blue thing above peoples heads.
Then there’s this weird, annoying little…
blue thing who also joins them (along with
his weird, pinkish, rabbit-horse type thing).
By the way, the little blue thing on my face
is a horse sticker and here’s a bigger horse
sticker on my boyfriend’s pocket. After that
you meet up with a little blue thing bent
on destroying all life….guilty spark!!!
The most time I spend is sticking
some kind of peanut-butter/jelly-
or-honey mixture in the little blue thing
(the little blue thing that you squeeze
water into your ear with). The little
 blue thing is so common that I saw it
my first time out. Today, I aimed
at the little blue thing placed at
the bottom of the urinal. My pretty
little blue thing. Deep inside of the
cuteness lies a dark evil, and that evil
is the little blue thing hovering over her
head. He was a little blue thing. Covered
in goo with beautiful black eyes.
I’ve no idea what this blue thing is.
If someone knows could you tell me.

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