it’s my birthday

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It’s my birthday, and yes, I’ll take some digital-age coddling …
since my momma took me out of that itchy-ass swaddling
Now I’m the life of any party in this groovy leisure suit.
gonna make you all holler a rooty toot toot
Oh, hi. It’s my birthday. So remember when I was all ohhh I miss you and I’m totes attacking your blogs with a vengeance
and growling yarrrgh like a pirate of Penzance
It’s Your Birthday Cake & Ice Cream Shower Gel Set
So I’m taking this chance to say hail flarfy fellows well-met
Today, on my birthday, I celebrate another year on this planet.
Not knowing where I’m going like Brad and Janet
It’s My Birthday, I’m Gonna Party Long sleeve shirts
Gonna drink salty tea in medieval yurts
It’s My Birthday and I’m crying as he wants me to.
Gonna shout it out from the balcony at Pompidou
birthday, aging, menopause, perimenopause, getting old, shmirshky, women, cake.
Gonna swim with swans in the freezing Prospect Park Lake
It’s my birthday…whoop-dee-f**kin-doo
And a doody doody doody doody doody doody doo

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