water zombie

“Poor Nada,” she said. Nada’s
great brown eyes looked up
hauntingly. “Does it hurt much?”
hahah, poor Nada. Poor NaDa.
Your time is ended. Poor Nada.
HeyLatinGirl Poor nada! GO GO
lol poor nada with that much stuff
on your mind, theres almost no way
ughh i hate when that happens most
attention is diverted. But of course
you have heard the news ā€” you know
that poor Nada has two children to support.ā€
The Cynicism of the poor, Nada
Stop insulting this poor NADA.
NADA are you OK? nada.
Ha. Poor nada. To forever experience
the joy of war. Poor Nada. Must be awful
to be so stressed. She’s such a sweetie.
They device policies for the leisure class
and give the poor NADA! Does anybody
else maybe see this as a turf war and poor
Nada is caught in the middle of it? The CIA
did their own investigation and says she is
innocent. oh no, poor Nada, all this being
in limbo is upsetting her. … NoO LoOz
QamBiioO PoOr Nada -AmoO La MuziiQa ā€“
Me GuzTa EzTudiiaR -Me GuzTan Laz
MattemattiQaz -Me aGrada dar QoOnzeJoOz.
poverty just like the one it produced about poor
Nada whom is being exploited for dirty
international geopolitics !!? poor nada
can’t deal with the fact that nobody takes her
seriously because everybody sees right through
her shallow presentation. Uh… you’re about
halfway to calling me a lecherous, old man.
If nothing else, think about poor, poor Nada
when you say these things. But poor Nada,
that was all that consumed her. The once loving
wife now became bitter, she hated her husband
for proposing to her earlier. Poor Nada! Living
in a little rathole like this and working as a bounty
hunter. And it was his fault that she had come
into such degradation. “Nada?” On this photo
poor Nada looks as if she is being eaten alive šŸ™‚
luckily puppies are starting to eat their own mom
But my amateurish philosophising was shattered
by the wails and sobs from poor Nada. She was
inconsolable to the point that her doctor had
pumped her full of tranquillisers.
Poor Nada… you became a water zombie …

But Nada, poor poor nada

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