The green color.
The green color.
The dark green confabulation
The sky emerald sharp cutting
The green pretender
The escape, the slip.
The green rainbow semen.
The green sea of womanslime
The greenleeches in the pubic hair
The greenwater spewing out from the teeth
The human vein also green
The fuck + the fuck.

One thought on “Green.

  1. Neat … here's some stray thoughts …

    Viridian is a blue-green pigment,
    (she once called me vergis)
    a hydrated chromium(III) oxide,
    (and she'd have put that in my tea, if I'd given her a chance)
    of medium saturation
    (as her love was to me)
    and relatively dark in value.
    (yes, that was true.)

    It is composed
    (and calm)
    more of green than blue.
    (more coward and beauty.)

    Specifically, it is a dark shade
    of spring green,
    (green the spring)
    the color between green
    (inside of green, around green, over green lords, under green growth)
    and cyan on the color wheel.
    (Simon was something *else* she wanted to call me)
    Viridian takes its name from the Latin viridis,
    (but then why isn't it just green?)
    meaning “green”..
    (which brings us back full circle.)

    Take care! 🙂

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