If it were up to me

a greater percentage of songs would be in 3/4 time

everyone would wear point-lace hot pants this spring

poets would be required to learn seven new words by heart per week and would weave them into their poems

winter would magically end today

some people would melt away into oblivion like wetted witches

the next leader of Egypt would be a bellydancer

the MTA would put grow-lights in all the stations and create underground horticultural displays with ingenious themes, but nobody would ever have allergies as a result

pixies would organize my bookshelves. and closets. or better yet the cats would do it, since they are home all day anyway

I would have a tidy little collection of beautiful Japanese umbrellas instead of these generic $5 ones I get at H & M

Obama would grow a spine

the entire military budget would go to feeding people organic vegetables and if there was any money left over it would go to various forms of beautification

men would look a lot more like women

prospect park would suddenly be visited by countless colorful and/or large exotic birds: quetzals, flamingoes, puffins, victoria crown pigeons, ostriches, anhingas, macaws, etc.

politicians and “lovers” would fucking stop lying

the legal workweek would be reduced to 20 hours, with no loss of pay

I would find (soon) a dear darling sweetheart about whom I was crazy and vice versa

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