I Want to Stretch My Vagina

Am I insane because people
don’t want to understand me?

this quiz will tell you wether
or not your insane. and please

be onest in this quiz. well actualy
i dont care so whatever. i love

the smell of mathboys farts theyre
so fuckin juicy…am i insane? I like

pain – am I insane? I feel happy
when I am in physical pain. I feel

alive and not just numb. I like
getting really ill with colds

or broken ribs etc. Am I insane
or did it take me too long to realize

that ” waiting for the sunset ”
is the exact same song as ” me

and jesus dont talk anymore ”
I want to stretch my vagina –

am I insane? Am I insane
for wanting to fall asleep,

never wake up? (And no,
this is not a suicide question)

I don’t think you’re insane.
I think sleep is awesome

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